Running to Heaven: The Story of Marie Bilodeau

Running to Heaven The Story of Marie Bilodeau
St. Catherine of Siena once implored others to "Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire." My Mom Marie Bilodeau exemplified these words until her dying breath. The hope is that this book will convey a story that I think has the ability to inspire others to:
  • Offer up your suffering for your loved ones
  • Be resilient and persevere against seemingly impossible odds
  • Embrace your illness and suffering as a gift from God meant to sanctify and unite you with Jesus

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Marie Bilodeau

“I know God has chosen me for a reason and He wants me to stay alive for some special reason and every time I end up with another major thing I get sad for a day or two and just say God is right there with me. That is the only reason I cope. I look at it one day I will be where sickness is not allowed and that's where I want to be. God up in heaven ... is the only one that knows everything and wants you to know Him and He is going to keep prompting you till He wins cause you are special.”

In the Book, You Will Learn:





ryan bilodeau

About the Author: Ryan Bilodeau

Ryan Bilodeau is a small business owner and an entrepreneur. He runs a small business called Bricks Plus Clicks and is in the process of launching Catholic Campaigns. He blogs about the Catholic faith on Prayer to Pen.

What People Are Saying

Christie Bilodeau, Daughter

“My Mom was the most selfless person I have ever known.”

Heather Rowe, Daughter

“I gained tremendous strength from my Mother's example of coping through her humor and strong faith. My Mother's example helps me fight to be stronger and better every single day.

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